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Affordable Proposal Photographer in Lima. AFOTO4U provides professional photography service  for families, maternity, proposals, weddings, and other occasions in Peru.

Proposal Photos

Is this your special day? You will look at these photos and show them uncountable times. These photos have to be the best. If it is a special day for you it is also a special day for me and I will do my part as good as I can. It is your wedding day, you want to propose, renew your wows or simply want to capture precious moments with beloved ones, I have a place for you.

Wedding Photographer Lima

Surprise proposal

This is a special moment and it has to be perfect. Moreover, it has to be captured in a perfect way. Proposals are the best when the soon-to-be bride is caught by surprise. That means that the photographer has to be unnoticeable until the very moment. It may look complicated or even as a situation containing potential misunderstanding. When you have to worry about so many things already it may look overwhelming. To deal with a photographer is kinda least that you want that moment. It may look more complicated than it actually is. It is important to coordinate location and time, discuss the process in advance, and make sure you will recognize each other. This is important, especially, in crowded places. 

If you have doubts about it there is a plan B. When you say your fiance about photo-session and propose whenever you feel comfortable during the photo session. You will have plenty of time while she will be distracted by posing for a solo shot and looking at the camera. Plan B may also be good for another reason. One of my clients said ‘Oh, I have to tell her about the photo-shoot. If she will not know, she will kill me because she was not ready for it.’ Be careful of taking the risk!

Proposal Photographer Lima

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