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Affordable Family Photographer in Lima. AFOTO4U provides professional photography service  for families, maternity, proposals, weddings, and other occasions in Peru.

Family photographer​

Family photography capture moments alongside those we care about the most. Shared family photos have an extraordinary enduring value, but in a hurry to live we often find ourselves lacking in the ability to do professionally. It doesn’t matter where you go for a vacation, the best souvenir that you can bring home with you is a photo. Our memories become bury or vanish with time. A single glance at the photo brings you back. Where were we? How young we were. When was it? What did we feel and what did with think at that moment? Everything comes back. Keep your memories safe, especially of the days spent together you care about the most. Let a family photographer take care of it.

Family Photographer Lima

Couples' Photographer

For married and unmarried couples, it doesn’t matter just visiting or have been living here all life, Lima offers numerous places to take stunning photographs. The good news are the Lima has constant overcast that makes shadows very mild. There also never rains (almost never). This means the most of the time weather and the ambient light is great for photography. Parks in Lima are my favorite locations for photography. They provide nice backgrounds for various situations. 

Family photographer Lima

Families with kids or babies​

Families with kids or babies have more restrictions to consider but even then, there plenty of options to take beautiful family photos. Kids are the best models for candid photography. Grownups often have a hard time relaxing knowing that a camera is close by. Some of them do a great job exposing the best elements of their appearance, while others are obviously unsettled. Kids are a totally different story. Involved in some activity they forget the camera in seconds what allows the photographer to capture moments of them being true them. The downside is patience. It not going to last long. So, in the early beginning parents has to do their best and jump in at full speed and do not slow down the process. A family photo session can take place in your home or outside. During the consultation, we plan the concept of your family photo session, discuss clothes, accessories, and items that can be used during photography. 

Kids Photographer Lima

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