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The best photography service in San Juan Puerto Rico

The best photography service in San Juan Puerto Rico for families, maternity, proposals, weddings, and other occasions.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you pay the agreed price for the photo-shoot. That’s it. 

After we agree on date, time, location, price and other details you have to make a reservation. To make reservation I take 1/3 of the agreed price as a deposit via PayPal system. 

You are welcome to pay the rest of the payment right after the photo-shoot via PayPal or cash. 

I would not dare call aFoto4 the best photography service in San Juan Puerto Rico if my clients would not get their photos in 3-4 business days.

For reasonable cause to change plans (late example: hurricane Dorian is about to hit Puerto Rico. We will go for our vacation somewhere else.) the deposit is returned in full (transaction fees lays on the client).

If the weather is not cooperating we will look for a time to reschedule. If there is no suitable time for both sides and we have to cancel, I will give your deposit back. The best photography service in San Juan Puerto Rico

After your photos are ready you will receive a password protected link and password to access your photos. You can share the link and password with whom ever you are pleased to. Download photos in one month.

I do not carry a responsibility of having a backup of your photos, however, I have a lot of them in my server. If you have lost your photos, it’s a good idea to check with me.

I take a lot of photos during the photo shoot.  Out of these I select and edit quality shots. How much quality shots I got depends on multiple factors such as ambient light, time that we have, crowd, moving speed, ratio of pictures taken for whole group, it’s segments, and individual  shots. The minimal quota for 60 minutes shoot is 45 photos. For longer shoot the minimal quota increases.  I usually make more than minimal quotes but above them there is not guaranty. 

Yes, but … There are nice hotels in San Juan, however, beaches next to them usually are very crowded. Nicer, wider, less crowded beach that has some greenery is pretty close.  It is worth it to take 10 minutes drive for much better photos. 

Yes. The process includes: cropping, exposure, light and color balancing, skin defect removal and general skin softening when it is required. The process does not include shape editing. 

There are many things that we should pay attention to. The most important, of course, is the ambient light. Photographers are well aware of the term ‘the golden hour’. It’s the period of daytime shortly after sunrise or before sunset, during which daylight is redder and softer than when the Sun is higher in the sky.
During this time the ambient light doesn’t create harsh shadows on faces that make photographs way nicer. However, beach photography is more complicated and the benefits of the golden hour can be tricky to explore. The situation depends on geographical location and somewhere else on the globe can be totally different than described here. This article applies specifically to beaches in San Juan Puerto Rico. 
It’s pretty clear for everyone that, the mid-day photo-shoot is a bad idea unless it’s pretty cloudy, or you can put your subject in a shade. Since we are not able to control clouds and here are very few shades on beaches let’s avoid midday photo-shoots. It can be done in a shadow or using a light modifier to reduce the Sunlight. Modifiers are not a bad idea, but on a beach, it is usually windy what makes them extremely hard to control. Using less than 50 mm focal length lens it’s technically possible to hold pop-up screen overhead and soften the Sunlight, but in a windy environment, this technique is too challenging. Using such techniques assistance is mandatory, moreover, it slows down the photo-shoot dramatically. 

So, what is the best time? Early morning or just before sunset. However, in my opinion, these times don’t match the golden hour. Let me tell you why. If you want to see a nice aqua/blue ocean in the background the golden hour is too early in the morning and too late in the evening. When the Sun is low the ocean loses its color and look sad except for sunset shoots. San Juan is located in the Northeastern part of the Puerto Rico Island. So the Sun setting down in the West does it over the island, which doesn’t look exciting at all. To see ‘over the ocean’ Sunset we should go to Paseo Pinones. This is a great spot for sunset and early morning shots.
Another thing to consider before planning a photo session on the beach in San Juan Puerto Rico is wind. I love morning photo-shoots because usually, there is no wind.  It starts coming back around 8 am and by 10 am blows at full speed. Normally the wind here blows from the Northeast. The wind is strong here and it must be considered choosing the time for a shoot. We will come back to it.
Shooting against the Sun. Many photographers use this technique for outdoor photo-sessions to avoid shadows on the face and have a more interesting background. Flash is mandatory to balance the exposure between potentially bright background and dark subject. But shooting at the beach there is an issue. If you would pay attention you would notice that if the Sun is right behind you the ocean in front of you has the most color. When you turn more towards the Sun the color starts vanishing. It means that if you want to capture the full beauty of the ocean you can’t shoot against the Sun.
Let’s put all these factors together. For the morning shoots here on the beaches around San Juan, I position my subject facing the morning Sun and point my camera to the blue ocean. Wind at this time is very mild and it blows in less than 60 degrees to the shooting line. The wind in these conditions is even helpful, it moves the dress and blows the hair away from the model’s face.
In the evening photo-shoot situation is way more complicated. Shooting in the same direction as the Sunlight goes means shooting against the wind what’s often is nearly impossible. Wind at this time is strong and is a real issue. Turning around and shooting against the sun means having a very different look of the ocean.
And the last factor, which is not directly related to the light is the weather. It rains here way more often in afternoons than in the mornings. Even if it rains at 2 pm the photo-shoot scheduled for 5.30 will not be the same anymore. The Sun may come back but the sand on the beach will stay wet for a while and it doesn’t look great when it’s wet. 

Some tips for those who want to get some beach photos. Ladies, please grab some hair control measures with you for any time beach-photo-shoot. Put a dress ready to fly, the longer the better (but opening our legs all way up above the knee), especially for an evening photo-shoot. Please be on time. Photographers can wait but the Sun will not. Every minute of good light counts. Accessories like wide hats, classic sunglasses or a nice beach bag add a lot, especially, to morning solo shots. If you have kids grab some beach toys or a soccer ball with you. Distractions create opportunities for great kid candid photos.

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