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Affordable individual photo-session in Lima. AFOTO4U provides professional photography service  for families, maternity, proposals, weddings, and other occasions in Lima.

Personal photo-session

Unfortunately, we are not capable to stop the time. Our bodies are constantly changing. And after a certain age, time keeps bringing us changes that we do not want to take. Often looking back we remember how young and beautiful we were. It doesn’t matter how attractive we are the time will take its toll and change us. Very often we forgot to capture out greatest moments. Sometimes we feel too shy to do so, sometimes there is no time, and sometimes we believe that photo captured with an iPhone will be just fine. There will be no second chance. People grow old and regret not capturing themselves enough. Your body is beautiful and after a certain age, it will start changing the other way. I used to be super fit, ready to go on a stage for a fitness competition. Unfortunately, I have no proof of that because back then I thought it was not manly to take the shirt off and pose in front of the camera. Now, twenty years and sixty pounds later I regret that I did not capture my greatest shape. I know, I would be proud to have and share them now. I also know that another five or ten years later I will regret not capturing enough of myself in the stage that I am now. Time will keep changing us and we will keep looking better in the past. It is never too late to take a professional photo-session, but the earlier the better. 

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Choose how your photos will look

There are uncountable ways of how personal photos-session could be done. Combining, environment, clothing, accessories, and elements like smoke, steam, and water we can create the appearance and mood that you want to show and express the emotions that you want to share. Discussing expectations is the key to success. You are welcome to browse for photos that you like that would give great guidance to me of how you want to be shown and seen. I will share my ideas with you and if you will give me your guidance and we will look for a way to achieve our common vision.

Personal Photographer Lima

Erotic photo session

A personal photo session is fun and great photos that will admire you and amaze your friends. This is not a simple portrait, it is your story told in personal photos. If you have an unusual hobby or hobby, we can reveal its beauty and subtleties in a personal photo-shoot. Whether you book a personal photo session or give it to a loved one, you will receive artistic portraits that complement your album or decorate the walls of your home. We will help you to reveal your beauty and personality.
Don’t worry if you don’t know how to pose and feel uncomfortable in front of the camera. The absolute majority of my customers claim to be “not photographic”. Remember – if you are not happy with the photos, you have not met a good photographer yet. We will advise and show you how to make your photos look beautiful, and it doesn’t matter what experience you have. My job is to make sure you and others enjoy the photos.

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