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Individual Photo Session provided by an affordable photographer in Portland.

Photographer provides individual photo sessions in Portland, Oregon. 

individual photo session

Individual Photoshoot - Portrait Photographer.

With the years running forward we change. Unfortunately, wisdom and experience are not the only things that come with years. Our appearance and body keep changing. It is never too late to record the current period of our lives, but some important chapters may slip through the fingers if not going to be careful. Let's save your life story in photographs. An individual photo session is a great way to capture this chapter of life. If you are here for vacation do not forget that photography is the best souvenir you can bring back home. Contact me for a personal photo session and we will discuss our options.  Photographer provides a personal photo session in Portland, Oregon.

Personal Photo Session

Individual Photo Session

Unfortunately, we are not capable to stop the time. Our bodies are constantly changing. And after a certain age, time keeps bringing us changes that we do not want to take. Often looking back we remember how young and beautiful we were. It doesn’t matter how attractive we are the time will take its toll and change us. Very often we forgot to capture our greatest moments.

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Sometimes we feel too shy to do so, sometimes there is no time, and sometimes we believe that photo captured with an iPhone will be just fine. I think that the biggest mistake that we make is that we wait for a perfect moment that never comes, or we think that that moment already passed and it too late for a personal photo-session. The problem is that a little too late is better than later. There will be no second chance. People grow old and regret not capturing themselves enough. Your body is beautiful and after a certain age, it will start changing the other way.  

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Time will keep changing us and we will keep looking better in the past. It is never too late to take a professional photo-session, but the earlier the better. Do not get me wrong not only young people are beautiful and deserve a photo session. There is beauty in every period of our lives. From a newborn to the elderly we live in constant transition. This is our way, the story of our life. An individual photo session is a perfect way to stop this moment and save our memories in photos. Let's get in touch and give me an opportunity to take care of your personal photo session.

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Portrait Photography

There are different types of photos serving for different purposes. The uniqueness of the portrait comes from individualism. Portrait - it is you. There is nothing else in the portrait, no other people, no distractions, just you. This is a chance to reveal who you really are or maybe who you want to be. Very often there is nothing else in the photo frame, just you and the background.

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A portrait is a good way to share an emotion. In other types of photography viewer's eyes get caught by other individuals, objects, or details in the background. It is hard to get his attention on you or at least to make him see what you want to show. A portrait is entirely different. Rather than investigating the background, the viewer has an opportunity to focus on your face on your emotion and the message it sends. We care about many others but there is no one more important in your life than yourself. Take a chance to capture yourself in a photo that reveals your personality and rise in front of others in the way you want to be seen.   Professional headshots near me.

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Corporate Headshots

Let's get serious. A corporate headshot is not a joke. Well, we can get a few funny photos if you like, but the primary objective is to produce professional-looking portraits that could be used in a business environment. Corporate headshots can decorate your office, home, find a place in your family album, or be used for your electronic profiles. A high-quality portrait is as important as your resume. If you spend hours polishing your resume you should invest a bit in professionally-looking official portraits as well. Appearance is important and your official portraits will help you shape your image. There is no question how important is your resume even if you need to use it once in a while. The official portrait on the contrary you would be using pretty much every day in your business emails, portfolios, and other niches.

Office Photos

The professional-looking portrait shapes opinion of your colleagues, the business partners, and clients. Offices often arrange a photographer that takes official portraits of all employees. This is a great idea. It's an attraction, and promotion at the same time. And it is super cost-effective. If to break down the service cost by employees that get they portraits taken the price per person is ridiculous. If you think that you or your office needs official portraits taken let's get in touch and I will offer a very competitive price for photography service.

Glamour Photo Session​

Boudoir photo session

With the years running forward we change. Unfortunately, wisdom and experience are not the only things that come with years. Our appearance changes as well. Often looking back in time we find that some of our memories are just memories and there nothing to keep them alive. Very often we lack a decent photo from one period or another. Boudoir photos are unique. They intrigue, show the beauty of our body and reveals some secrets of our personality. At the same time, these are the photos that most of us sooner or later wish to have taken. Let me take care of your personal photo session. Boudoir photographer in Portland.

Personal Photography Service:

Photographer provides individual photo sessions in Portland. 

Individual photo sessions are provided by an affordable photographer in Portland, Oregon.

Photographer in Portland provides photography services for weddings, families, maternity, proposals, personal photo sessions, events, boudoir photos, professional headshots, professional headshots, and other occasions.