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Maternity Photographer in Lima. aFOTO4U provides professional photography service  for families, maternity, proposals, weddings, and other occasions in Peru.

Pregnancy Photos

Sharing the joy of your soon-to-be little one starts during your pregnancy. Waiting – a special moment for the whole family. Preparing for your newborn to arrive can be stressful for multiple reasons but your maternity photo session can ease this stress, serving as a reminder of how beautiful your belly actually is. Your maternity photos are an important part of documenting your journey and will be cherished for a long time.

Belly size

In order to take successful photos, you should take maternity photos at the most suitable period so your belly would be captured with a full shape but not to wait for too long. I would recommend scheduling your maternity photo session in your seventh or eighth month of pregnancy. At that time our belly will have a nice round shape perfect for taking photographs. If you take maternity photos after your eighth month of pregnancy you might be uncomfortable during the photo-shoot.

Where and when take Maternity Photos?

Maternity photos are the best taken in natureand let surroundings embrace mom and soon to be newborn in the most naturalway.  Parks provide shade and create a calm environment for maternityphotographs. I can’t imagine a better natural background for maternityphoto-shoot than moving foliage with some accidental sunrays. Maternity photos that are taken at the beach usually can take two very different paths. One of them creates a mysterious mood next so silky water photos made with slow shutter speed, longdresses, basically standing or sitting, mostly early in the morning or aroundthe sunset. This type of maternity photos tells a story of the little miracle thatis about to happen and change your life forever. The other one is less serious when soon-to-bemom is more from this word. Bikini and accessories crates totally different mood.This way is way more playful, there are no restrictions that apply. Soon-to-bemom can roll on sand or go into the water. If the Sun is not too bright all day longis totally fine for this type of photography. Whichever you prefer to keep in mind that thereare always more people on a beach during evening time and weekends are morecrowded than the rest of the week. So, if you are planning a pregnancy photo-sessionon the beach, it is better to go there on a workday or early in the morning.There other factors that supports morning vs evening. The wind is one of them. Morningsare usually the calmest time of 24 hours. It is way more important than one mightthink because wind will mess subject’s hair and hair eventually will become themajor selection criterion what means that lots of potentially good shots willgo straight to the trash leaving few to choose from. 

It's Your Choice

Whatever your choice would be, remember, that this period is important not only to the mother but also to every single member of your family. The whole family or just a soon-to-be-mom can participate in it. During the consultation, we plan the concept of a photo session together to discuss participants, clothes, accessories, and other items that can be used during a photo session, as well as any other questions you might be interested in.

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